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Our Process

REAP Latin America was established in 2017 in the US  and has been present since 2007 in Peru. It is an organization for the Americas with a vision of children with fair access to food and water. REAP Latin America actively provides groups to address the problem of hunger by packaging nutritious food based on rice, lentils and peas plus 22 micronutrients. These meals exist for the feeding programs to schools of scarce resources in Peru. In addition to providing food packaged by our dedicated volunteers, we respond to natural disasters and provide donations of products such as school supplies, medical supplies, water, food, and other products.


Food packaging

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Product Donations

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The Disaster Response

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Where we serve

Each year, REAP Latin America provides millions of nutritious foods and other aids that save the lives of children and families around the world. REAP Lain America works with the efforts of other development institutions that exist in vulnerable communities through food that was packaged by our volunteers as a feeding program in schools, orphanages, day care centers and medical clinics. REAP Latin America focuses on school feeding programs because the opportunity to receive a hot meal is an incentive for parents to send their children to school. Education is a catalyst for change in the areas of maternal health, child mortality, gender equality, and in the fight against HIV / AIDS, effectively breaking the circle of poverty.


Our Foods

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Food Program

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Our history

After working with the Pan-Fish Mission in Vegueta-Lima and volunteering with Stop Hunger Now’s US food manufacturing program for 8 years, founder Manny Espinoza started REAP Latin America in 2015. Since then REAP Latin America has packaged more than 100,000 community-supported food rations that are ideal for corporate responsibility and / or volunteer service projects. Throughout the year, community leaders and volunteers from corporations, churches, schools, and universities, and civil organizations pack these foods that are high in protein and high in nutritional value. The experience is very fun because it is active and rewarding for some people of all ages.